Top 10 Music-less Music Videos

Technically I guess you could say these are shreds, but then again who’s counting. There’s a lot of people out there in ‘YouTubeland” with too much time on their hands, a decent video edit takes hours of patience and great attention to detail, but we’re grateful for these comedic techno geeks, as they bring us the entertainment.

Our Top Ten is taken from both the classics and contemporary music vids. We’ve chosen the ones we think provide the best laughs, as really speaking that’s the only way to judge them. Anyway, here’s our top ten, we hope you agree.

Well he was the King so he had to come first, and it’s one of our favourites. His foot shuffling makes him look more like Woody Allen than a sex god when you take the music away.

Bowie and Jagger were two of the coolest guys in rock until they brought out this track together in the eighties. It’s a good tune, but even with the music they they blew their cool big time, and without it they are a pair of top class buffoons.